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New In Lip Products


Hi everyone!

Last week I bought these two new lip items! I never seem to have enough lip products and espcially with spring and summer coming, I wanted to add a couple of  things to my collection. First up on the list was a good lipliner. The second was this Bourjois Aqua Laque which looked very interesting when Suzie reviewed it. I hunt both of them down, so let’s have a closer look!

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April Empties


Hi everyone!

Instead of writing about my Monthly Faves, this time I’m doing a blogpost about all the empty products I’ve gathered through the month of April. Mostly because I don’t really have that many new faves, but also because the products I finish are (most of the time) also products I love using, so I thought this was a good switch up! I did however still include my ‘non-beauty favorites’ at the end of the blogpost! Let’s see what my thoughts on  all these empties are!

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Monthly Faves: March


Hi everyone!

March has been a very busy month, since I am doing an internship combined with my studies at the moment. Walking to the bus and then from the train station to the city center twice every day has become part of my weekly routine. So my faves this month have everything to do with easy beautifiers and comfortable to wear-ness. Hope you can get some inspiration for next month!

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Simple Saturday Make-Up


Hi everyone!

I’ve recently tried to cut down on the amount of products I use on my face. I was using a foundation almost everyday the last months, but realized that on days I have a ‘good face day’ there is no need to. Last saturday I decided to go for a natural minimal look. I was very happy with the result! It looked like my face but better. I’d like to share the products I used, since there are a couple of my recent favorites featured!

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