Kenya + Zanzibar Snapshots


Hi everyone!

2 weeks ago I was still in Africa, time flies! My family and I visited Kenya and Zanzibar on our summer holidays. We started our stay with a safari in the Maasai Mara. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! Our camp was always surrounded by wildlife. We saw giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinos, zebras, impalas, … I never thought I’d see all the animals I wanted to! Afterwards we flew to Zanzibar for a chill week. Laying by the pool and enjoying the amazing palmtree filled view! It was a very relaxing stay.  While there we decided to visit the giant tortoises on Prison Island! I struggled a lot trying not to overwhelm you with hundreds of pictures, but eventually I managed to select my favorites. Let’s have a look!

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New York Snapshots

Hi everyone!

Today will be a “let’s have a look”, instead of a “keep on reading” blogpost! I’m sharing a couple of my favorite pictures from my trip to New York City! I did almost all the touristy things one can do: musea, a broadway show, Ground Zero, Central Park, Statue of Liberty and many many more! I selected a couple of my favorite pictures to share with you. Hope you enjoy! Now, let’s have a look 😉

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Visiting Sam Edelman New York

Hi everyone!

As I promised in my last blogpost, today I’ll share my visit to the Sam Edelman offices and store in New York. My sister (who you can find over on Julie’s Ambition) and I got a chance to visit New York City after we won an instagram contest held by the amazing people of Gimpex and Sam Edelman. Keep on reading to find out just how lucky we were!

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I’m Back !

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since my last blogpost… Sorry! Since than I’ve been to New York, Kenya and beautiful Zanzibar. In other words, I’ve been busy exploring the world, which was wonderful! I needed a break for me/vacation-time. So, there wasn’t much time to blog, woepsie! Luckily, in today’s post I’m here to tell you I’m back at it!

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Youtube Relaxation


Hi everyone!

Since I am very busy for school (first exam tomorrow!), I am going to keep this post short and easy! During my study breaks, I like to catch up on my favorite Youtube channels. Maybe you are in  the need of some Youtube relaxation too? Than you should definitely check some of my favorite people out! Here is my top 10 (in no particular order!).

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Monthly Faves: May


Hi everyone!

It’s June! This means exams are getting closer , but also summer is getting closer! More importantly it means it’s time to have a look at my Monthly Faves. The month May has passed so quickly! Luckily I still had the time to discover some new favorites and revisit some long time loves. Let’s have a look!

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Inspirational Quotes

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do somehting a bit different and share some of my favorite quotes!

I really like collecting them on my Pinterest account. It makes such a difference to me when I see inspirational words written down. It makes me think about the important things in life.  They also help me to stay positive and motivated! Especially since my exams are getting closer I can use all the support I need! Hope it can do the same for you! And good luck to everyone entering your exam period or any other difficult time in your life!

Sara xx


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April Empties


Hi everyone!

Instead of writing about my Monthly Faves, this time I’m doing a blogpost about all the empty products I’ve gathered through the month of April. Mostly because I don’t really have that many new faves, but also because the products I finish are (most of the time) also products I love using, so I thought this was a good switch up! I did however still include my ‘non-beauty favorites’ at the end of the blogpost! Let’s see what my thoughts on  all these empties are!

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