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The Face Off: Cleansing Oils


Hi everyone!

Here is another blogpost adding to my ‘The Face Off’ collection! Today I’m comparing two cleansing oils! Let me start by telling you that 5 years ago I had never even heard about a cleansing oil. I’m absolutely sure I wouldn’t have believed you when you told me I would like them one day! But now, I have to admit,  I am converted! At the moment I have tried   two different cleasing oils (but there are definitely more to come): one from The Body Shop and one from Boscia. Let’s see what the differences are!

For those evenings when I just really want to go to bed and don’t feel like spending a lot of time on your skincare routine (almost every night in my case), a cleansing oil is my go to product! It doesn’t only cleanse the skin, but also melts away your make-up! Why use 2 products if one does the trick? I still need to use an eye make-up remover though, just to take away the panda eyes that are the cleansing oils leave behind. Sometimes, when I find the time, I even like to give my face a little masage using a cleansing oil! It stimulates blood flow and just feels really good!


As I am on the hunt for the perfect cleansing oil, comparison is needed! Today I’m trying to find out if the Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil can beat my beloved The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil.


  • Both of them are cleansing oils, duh… This is kinda logical, but seriously though, they are the same type of cleasing oil. Where some cleansing oils start off as a balm or a more milky texture, these two pump up a real oil.
  • Also, both of them stay an oil. I don’t find that when water is added they really turn into a milk or anything, which I like!
  • Neither of the oils leaves an oily residue (yes!) and they both add a little moisture to my skin (I hate the skin-stripped feeling some cleansers give me!).


  • As I mentioned they are both packaged in a bottle with a pump, which I like a lot. No unhygienic ‘fingers-in-jars’ situations! I do like the Boscia packaging better though. It doesn’t spil any product, which the Body Shop bottle can… And believe me, a leaking bottle can become a huge mess! I don’t recommend taking it on holiday!
  • The biggest difference is found in the ingrediënts list. The Boscia oil cleanser contains hydrangea leaf, geranium and botanical amino acids,  while The Body Shop oil cleansers main ingredient is camomile water. As the name suggests (‘Cool Cleansing Oil’), the Boscia ingredients do leave a cooling feeling to the skin! Definitely a plus for hot summer nights, but maybe not when winter coming…
  • A final difference is the product price: The Body Shop cleanser is a bit cheaper than the one from Boscia.


I am a big cleansing oil fangirl and both the Boscia as well as The Body Shop products are ‘recommend-worthy’! I have to admit that last summer I did get more use out of my Boscia cleansing oil though. It’s a lot travel more travel-friendly and I really love the smell and the feeling the combination of ingredients leaves behind.

Have you tried a good cleansing oil? Be sure to give me some of your recommendations down below! I’m on the hunt for my new favorite!

Sara xx

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5 thoughts on “The Face Off: Cleansing Oils”

  1. I need to add the Boscia one on my wish list, the Body Shop oil is already on there 🙂 I highly recommend DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and Dermalogica’s Precleanse and I’ve heard great things about Caudalie’s cleansing oil. Lots to try 😉

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