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Thoughts on: First Aid Beauty


Hi everyone!

If you haven’t heard of the skincare brand ‘First Aid Beauty'(FAB)  I’m happy to introduce you! It’s an American brand that only uses ingredients save for sensitive skin! All their products are free from parabens, fragrances and other harsh chemicals. In my opinion it’s comparable to the brand Clinique, since they also stand for allergy tested non irritating products for people with sensitive skin! A while ago every beauty blogger was raving about the FAB ultra repair cream and the facial radiance pads, so ofcourse this brand was on my New York Sephora shopping radar. I decided to try out the travel size Facial Radiance Pads and the Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer!

I think using products for sensitive skin is always a good idea. My skin is not necessarily the most sensitive, but I don’t want to harm it by using harsh products! Even though the more radical products do work sometimes, I find the opposite can be true too. They can make my skin feel sore and tingly and red, which is never the case when I use the Clinique products for example. So, how did I like these First Aid Beauty products?



I’ll start of with the most famous one: the Facial Radiance Pads. They are meant to exfoliate, tone and brighten the skin by wiping the pad across the face once or twice daily. I do not use them on a daily basis though, more like every other day and only in the evening (for no specific reason, just other products I like in the morning!). What I love? The packaging: it’s very travel ànd every day friendly to have the pads already soaked in the product + they don’t dry out! What I like? The results: just like with any other product, it’s not like I see immediate dramatic differences. The product is just simply a great toner and exfoliator and it evens out my skintone a little. What I don’t like? The smell: very pharmacy like… A tip? Use the pads twice! I use one side of the pad on one day and keep it in the box to use the other side the next day! Works perfectly!


Next up is the Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer, which is not to be confused with the Ultra Repair Cream! The last one is the more famous cream formula moisturiser for dry skin. Since I don’t have dehydrated skin, but do need a good daily moisture injection I decided to opt for the lighter formula in the Face Moisturizer. This is a cool lightweight gel. What I love? Again, the packaging! The pump makes it super easy to apply. What I like? How it does leave my skin feeling plump by not being a thick cream! Also, it sinks in the skin rather quickly (which is very important for busy girls!). Nothing really! The smell isn’t as bad as the Radiance Pads.

In conclusion, my introduction to the First Aid Beauty products was a succes! I use the Face Moisturiser on a daily basis, because its lightweight feel is perfect for summer! The Radiance Pads are nice to use on special occasions or every other day! I really want to try out more of their products, perhaps a face mask? 🙂

Have you tried any of the FAB products? And what do you think about brands for sensitive skin? Do you look for those or doesn’t it really matter? Let me know!

Sara xx

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