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The Face Off: Drugstore Baked Blushes


Hi everyone!

I thought it was about time to upload a new ‘The Face Off’ blogpost in which I compare two ‘kind off sort off’ similar products. Today I am comparing two drugstore baked blushes. I’ve been obsessed with a bronzed glowy make-up look for summer and think baked blushes are just perfect for the job! It’s great that drugstore brands have a rather good selection of baked products! I tried out the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in shade 25 Alluring Rose and the Baked Powder Blush from Milani in shade 08 Corallina. Which one does the bronzed glowyness better? Keep on reading!


When I bought the Max Factor blush in May I was so impressed by the product I had to write a blogpost about it as soon as possible. You can read a full lenght review about it here! Since I was so excited about this baked blush I had to buy one of the famous Milani baked blushes when I visited New York.  Luminoso is generally their most known shade. Unfortunately, it was sold out in the shop, so instead of trying to find another shop I decided to just try something else and bought Corallina.




Obviously both of them have the typical baked blush finish, which is very luminous and glowy. Plus they have a slightly glittery finish, luckily it’s not too obvious when applied on the cheeks. Both are drugstore brands, so the pricing is very good!


The 2 biggest differences are the packaging and the color pay off! The Max Factor blush has the best packaging: compact, nice ‘click’ and I like the gold rim. The Milani blush is just way to bulky! You can flip up the top part (which is the actual blush), because underneath you can find a little mirror and a brush, but honestly I don’t like the brush and I’d rather have no mirror or a mirror on top! So packaging considered, Max Factor is the winner. BUT Milani brings the best color pay off! You really only need a little bit to see a huge difference on the cheeks (be warned and use a brush that doesn’t pick up to much product!). I do realize that both blushes have a totally different color though, so maybe a more intense colored Cream Puff Blush will be equally pigmented…


As usual, I like both! When I bought the Max Factor blush in May I used it non stop, but there has hardly passed a day where I didn’t use the Milani blush over the last few weeks… I think Milani in Corallina is the better blush if you have a little bit of a tan and love the coral cheeck look. To bronze up your cheeck when that tanned glow is missing I would suggest trying out this Max Factor blush. Or you can always use both 😉

Do you like the baked blushes/bronzers trend? And do you have a favorite to recommend? I’m always curious what else is out there, so let me know!

Sara xx

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