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Hi everyone!

Protecting your skin against the sun is very important if you want it to stay healthy and young. Last month on my holidays I tested out the suncare products from Rituals. I tried the sun protection milky spray, sun protection face cream and the aftersun hydrating lotion. Keep on reading to see if I like them!



First of all I need to admit it was the packaging that attracted me to these products. I mean… How cute are these simple blue tubes!? I was immediately hooked! But are the products inside of that pretty outside equally impressive?

As for the Sun Protection Face Cream in SPF 30 and the Sun Protection Milky Spray in SPF 20, they did do a great job at not burning my skin when sunbathing! I’m a big fan of the spray applicator of the body cream. However, as the product got more empty, the spray wasn’t as fine anymore… The face cream applied lovely and didn’t cause any breakouts, yay! The Aftersun Hydrating Lotion is a very interesting product. The formula of the cream is more like a gel. A very cooling gel! When you get a little sunburned it feels very soothing and hydrating + dI like that it sinks into the skin quickly.

I have to note the significant smell of the products. It’s not the usual sunscreen smell that reminds you of beaches and sunbathing, but a fresher stronger kind. You should definitely give it a try in the Rituals store before buying it, because I don’t think it’s for everybody… I myself had to get used to it at first.

Overall, I really like this set of Rituals suncare items. Definitely repurchase worthy! Do you have a favorite sun protecting brand or product? Let me know!

Sara xx

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