New York Snapshots

Hi everyone!

Today will be a “let’s have a look”, instead of a “keep on reading” blogpost! I’m sharing a couple of my favorite pictures from my trip to New York City! I did almost all the touristy things one can do: musea, a broadway show, Ground Zero, Central Park, Statue of Liberty and many many more! I selected a couple of my favorite pictures to share with you. Hope you enjoy! Now, let’s have a look 😉

Citizen M Hotel, I recommend!
Had to take home some peanut butter M&M’s

When in New York, don’t forget to look up!

The National Museum of History is a lot of fun !

Bike ride in Central Park

Brooklyn Bridge views

New York by night on Top of the Rock

New York is such a unique place! By day or by night there’s always something new and exciting to see or experience! Have any of you been to New York as well? What summer vacation destination are you excited for? Let me know!

Sara xx

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