Youtube Relaxation


Hi everyone!

Since I am very busy for school (first exam tomorrow!), I am going to keep this post short and easy! During my study breaks, I like to catch up on my favorite Youtube channels. Maybe you are in  the need of some Youtube relaxation too? Than you should definitely check some of my favorite people out! Here is my top 10 (in no particular order!).

1. Essie Button


She is a Canadian living in London with her awesome boyfriend Aslan and their adorable dog Reggie! Estée is definitely on top of my list! She always makes me smile, because she stays so true to herself!

2. Lily Pebbles


I always love Lily’s beauty advice! She is a little bit picky and she is very honest, which I like! I also really like the vlogs she’s been doing lately!

3. HelloKaty


I love Katy! She does the most amazing advice video’s. I like that she talks about topics other Youtburs wouldn’t really go into. She’s very smart and beautiful!

4. icovetthee

Summer Red 6

Alix’s tastes, both in make-up and clothing, are very similar to mine. She has a very soothing voice, I love listening to her!

5. TheLineUp


Two girls from Sweden with an amazing style! I like that they are doing it togheter, 2 styles for 1 video. I wish I could be as fashionable…

6. Amelia Liana


Amelia knows what she’s doing on the make-up front! She is the best at a smokey eye and likes to experiment with looks. She is a very positive person, she seems to be happy all the time! Also check out her TMI video’s, they are hilarious!

7. Allison Anderson


Allison comes across as the nicest person ever. I like her taste in make-up and listening to her voice! Very relaxing!

8. Ingrid Nilsen


Ingrid is one of the first Youtubers I religiously started following! She used to be all about make-up and hair tutorials, but this year she has started to talk more about other topics. Very inspirational!

9. Meghan Rienks


I like Meghan’s personality! She is weird but she doesn’t care! I looove her bohemian summer style!

10. Mamrie Hart


Mamrie is the queen of puns! She is just hilarious!

Voilaaa, this is my current top 10! Do you have any favorite Youtubers? I always like finding new interesting people on the internet 🙂 Let me know!

Sara xx

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4 thoughts on “Youtube Relaxation”

  1. I Love Lily Pebbles as well! You should also check out flour de force, she got a similar style and is really down to earth and real as well x

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