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Like or dislike? dr Van Der Hoog Clearskin


Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing a moisturiser I’ve been trying out for the last month or so. A while back you could read about my two of my favorite moisturiser for clear skin. After I finished both, I decided to try something new. While shopping at ‘Wijnegem Shopping Center’ I discovered a shop named Essenza. They sell all natural brands. I decided to pick up the dr. Van Der Hoog Clearskin Day & Night Control cream. Let’s see what my thoughts are!


The Clearskin range of products aims for fresh, clear skin without impurities or pimples. It’s supposed to be hydrating and mattifying for 24 hours. The Day & Night Control cream is greaseproof and contains salicylic acid and blackberry leaf extract which have a purifying effect and normalize excess sebum.

The first week I tried it I was not really into it. I found the texture too sticky and it didn’t  sink in my skin as fast as I wanted. That’s why I didn’t use it for a few weeks after. Last month I decided to give it another go to see if it had an effect on my impurities. I got used to the product’s formula and although I didn’t see major results I did feel like it made my skin cleaner and clearer.

I like that this product has no harsh ingredients and I’d like to support that, but I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase it again. I think it’s good, but nog amazing! And I’m still looking for that amazing cream that solves all my skin problems 😉

Have you tried any products from dr Van Der Hoog? Always nice to read your recommendations!

Sara xx

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