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Monthly Faves: May


Hi everyone!

It’s June! This means exams are getting closer , but also summer is getting closer! More importantly it means it’s time to have a look at my Monthly Faves. The month May has passed so quickly! Luckily I still had the time to discover some new favorites and revisit some long time loves. Let’s have a look!

  • La Roche Posay Effaclar Lotion: the first week into May I finished my toner. Not really sure which one to buy next, I decided to go back to this La Roche Posay Lotion. It was a firm favorite of mine the first years I started my ‘face wash routine’ and I still love it! This micro-exfoliating astringent lotion should help reduce pore size and figt blockage. I really think it helps clean out my pores and helps prevent break outs. It doesn’t irritate my skin, but I wouldn’t recommend it to the very sensitive people out there!
  • theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer: since I bought this gorgeous highlighter, I’ve not stopped wearing it! It has replaced my beloved Mac Soft & Gentle (as you can read in this face-off blogpost). It just gives the most amazing golden sheen to my face! My skin looks healthier and more alive when I’ve used this product! A must-try if you haven’t already!
  • & other stories Fleur de Mimosa Hand Cream: at the beginning of the month my hands were so dry, it was ridiculous! So when I was in & other stories (one of my favorite shops btw!) I saw their hand cream right before checkout and grabbed the ‘Fleur de Mimosa’ scented one.  I think it’s a great not to expensive hand cream: it has a great spring appropriate smell, it’s absorbed in the skin quickly and still moisturising enough! Another plus, is the packaging! I like the minimalistic look and the hard tube it comes in.
  • Maybeline Dream Lumi touch: I rediscoverd this highlighting concealer when browsing my make-up box. I decided to give it another go and really like using it as an extra under eye concealer now. It has a lighter color than my CC cream, so it really gives that wide awake highlighted look. This one is starting to dry out, but I would love to try another similar product! If you have any recommendations, be sure to let me know!
  • Sisley Lipliner: at the beginning of the month I was on the hunt for a good lipliner (my first one ever!) and I came across this Sisley phyto-levres perfect lipliner. I’ve fallen in love with this product. Since I’m not blessed with that amazing lip shape, I can cheat a little bit by defining my cupid’s bow. It also makes any other lip product on top stay longer! If you’d like you can read more about this lip-find here!
  • Essie ‘Cocktail Bling’: as I look down while writing this blogpost I see this pretty color on my nails! After a couple of weeks of wearing no nailpolish at all, I am now back at it! I’ve really enjoyed wearing this Essie Cocktail Bling color. It’s not grey, it’s not blue, it’s not lilac: it’s a mix of all three and depending on what I’m wearing, or what lighting, it looks different everytime. It’s an easy ‘goes with literally everything’ shade! (more nailpolish love here)

As always, I’ve also found a couple of non-beauty favorites:

  • Song: Rhythm Inside by Loïc Nottet, representing Belgium at the Eurovision Songfestival this year! This song stays stuck in your head, so be warned!
  • Series: Star-Crossed, I’m still devastated this amazing futuristic series got cancelled…
  • Movie: I watched three very different, but very good movies last month: American Sniper, Project Almanac and Stuck in Love.
  • Book: Sadly, I’ve been mostly focused on my school books…
  • YouTube channel: Lauren Elizabeth, she is funny, beautiful and I like her laid back style!

Et voila! That was last month’s favorites round-up! I really like looking back and thinking about what products I’ve been using the most, what movies I’ve watched, if there was a song that stuck out, etc. Hope you like reading about it!

Sara xx

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