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New In Lip Products


Hi everyone!

Last week I bought these two new lip items! I never seem to have enough lip products and espcially with spring and summer coming, I wanted to add a couple of  things to my collection. First up on the list was a good lipliner. The second was this Bourjois Aqua Laque which looked very interesting when Suzie reviewed it. I hunt both of them down, so let’s have a closer look!


I’ll admit it, the whole Kylie Jenner lips-buzz made me wanne try a lipliner… So, I visited my local Ici Paris XL and asked their advice. I wanted a neutral shade, but also one I could wear on its own. After a lot of swatching and advice-asking, I finally found this ‘Rose The‘ color from Sisley. I had never tried any Sisley products, or heard a lot about them, but this color was just perfect! It is a dusty nude rose that is a great match with my skin color. It’s part of the Phyto-Lèvres Perfect lipliner collection. The formula is very smooth and creamy, but longlasting enough for my taste. They are completely mat, no shimmer! It comes with a little brush on the other side to blend in your lips.

After my visit to Ici Paris I wanted to check out what was new in drugstore land. I’d heard mixed reviews on the Bourjois Rouge Edition AQUA Laques, but wanted to give it a try. I chose one in the color 01 Appêchissant, a coral rose. First thing I noticed is how liquidy the formula is. My advice is to only use a tiny amount and really work it in your lips. Then give it some time to let it set and your left with an awesome looking gloss for spring! I would have liked it to be a bit more longlasting, but honestly no lip product has ever lasted long on my lips. I really like the packaging: the applicator is great and it’s easy to throw in your bag.

I find the combination of the lipliner and the gloss a perfect match! The liner gives an extra bit of color and shapes the lips, while the gloss makes the look dewy and more spring appropriate! Have you tried the Aqua Laque range? Or any other  Sisley products? Let me know!

Sara xx

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