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My Shower Rituals


Hi everyone!

One of my favorite brands to have in my shower is Rituals. I love how their spirit is to create products that help us having the best ‘me-time’ possible. For me taking a shower can be either very rushed or long and hot! When I’m taking my time to shower, I like to use some nice smelling products and Rituals have a lot of those! Here are some of my current faves.



The first thing I like to use is one of Rituals’ shower foams. I love this formula! You just pump a little bit of the gel out of the tin and it immediately starts to transform into this fluffy foam. It’s a lot of fun! I purchased this Summer limited edition bottle. It is a new smell named Mandi Lulur. The range also has body lotions, candles etc. which all smell amazing. This is thanks to the frangipani and rice milk ingrediënts. I find it is a great calming/relaxing Spring scent. You should definitley give the products  a sniff if you can!


Another amazing smelling Rituals product is this Ayurveda Scrub. It is a purifying body scrub. It contains mineral-rich Multani Clay that helps remove dead skin cells. The other main ingredient is Indian Rose which gives this scrub an exotic smell! Different from the shower foam this is a vibrant and awakening scent. It is very strong:  find it opens my nose when I have a cold, that’s how strong it is. This also means the smell lingers after you showered! The exfoliationg beads aren’t too harsh, so you’re left with clean and fresh skin.


Lastly, whenever I take a long shower I also like to treat my face. A lot of the time I apply a mask before and rinse it of in the shower, but I also like to use a facial exfoliator. The Brightening Face Exfoliator from Rituals is one of my favorites! The formula is very creamy and has the smallest beads you can imagine. This makes it a great product for sensitive skin, because a bigger bead can be too harsh! It is enriched with Lotus flower and Moringa Extract. This product does not have a strong scent, but that’s not what I want in a face product. It just smells like a cream. I use it once or twice a week to make my facial skin more radiant and brighter.

Now that you know some of my favorite Rituals products in the shower, I’d like to hear from you! Do you have a favorite shower brand? Or do you also like Rituals?

Sara xx


15 thoughts on “My Shower Rituals”

  1. My in-shower ‘ritual’ products are my Anatmoicals ‘100% not Chanel, but cocoa all the same’ cocoa body cleanser, my Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser with Passionfruit and Green Tea, my Formula 10.0.6 Three Times Sublime 3 in 1 Blackhead Wash + Scrub + Mask with Pink Grapefruit and Jojoba and my Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask with Strawberry and Yarrow.

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  2. Wow great post! I love the look of that scrub! I have the soap and glory body scrub but I’ve not used it before! I think you’ve made me be bothered to go fetch it and use some finally!😂 I can’t wait to see more post from you☺️💗

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