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2 Natural and Cruelty Free Face Products


Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing 2 products I’ve been using quite a lot recently and that have suprised me! As I want to buy more natural and cruelty free products I purchased this Ladrôme Rose water in Biotoop in Leuven and this Argan Oil when I was in Greece last Summer. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but enjoy using them now!



As you can read from the lables, both products are natural (for the most part) and cruelty free! This is a first thing I really like about them. I want to support brands that do an effort to create products good for not only us, but also our environment.

The Argan Oil comes with a pipet applicator. I use it for different purposes. Most of the time I use it as an overnight skin hydrating booster! I apply some on the palms of my hands, rub them togheter and then press a little bit in my skin. I also like to add a drop of it to my moisturizer and mix both in my hands which I then apply onto my face. It’s also great for dry patches on your body. The first time I used it on my hair, I applied way too much which left my hair greasy and gross! I waited a long time to try it again, but now I sometimes apply a tiny bit on the tips of my hair if it gets dry. A little bit goes a long way! I also don’t recommend using it in the morning. I always apply it before going to bed, because it takes some time to really sink in the skin.

I think it was Estée from who raved about rose water! When I made a trip to Biotoop in Leuven and spotted this bottle of Ladrôme Rose Water, I thought I’d try it out! I use it as a second toner to hydrate and plump up my skin. It comes with a spray pump, so at night I like to sprits a couple of sprits (that’s a lot of spritsing 😉 ) directly on my skin. I don’t see major differences in my skin, but it does help making it look less tired and more dewy. Different from Estée I am not at all fond of the smell… I’m not sure if I would repurchase it, but for now I really like to add this little step.

What do you think about natural/bio face products? Do you have any recommendations? I’m also really interested to know if you have some great cruelty free brand suggestions! Let me know!

Sara xx


8 thoughts on “2 Natural and Cruelty Free Face Products”

  1. The rose water sounds interesting I haven’t heard of that! I often use tea tree oil on blemishes and apparently jojoba oil is really good for hydrating skin too. Something I would also recommend is natural aloe vera gel. It’s amazing if you’ve been sunburned or you suffer with rosacea or eczema xxx

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  2. THANK YOU for doing a post featuring cruelty-free products!
    Yes, raves about Rimmel and L’Oreal are all well and good if you support cruel brands, who test on and kill animals all for the sake of seeing which chemical makes your foundation stays on longer, but I only use cruelty-free products.
    Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for talking about animal-friendly products.

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