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IMG_3595Hi everyone!

In today’s blogpost I want to talk about hair products! I feel like I’ve accumulated a nice range of haircare/styling products that I really like. So, I’m sharing them with y’all!

A small hair history:

My hair has been straight all my life! With straight, I mean straight! Curling my hair will not last a whole evening… During my teen years I was growing my hair out, not coloring it or anything. My hair was very long, but Summer 2013 I was finally (after a half year of doubting) ready to cut my hair short! I wanted the trendy ombre long bob! I colored the ombre myself and really liked the result. 3 months later I had to cut it shorter again, but it was a little bit too short for my liking. Since then I haven’t really cut more than the points. Half a year after I did the ombre, it started to look a little orange and I was tired of it. So, I decided to color all my hair a darker brown color. It was a big change for me and I was kinda happy with it. The ‘kinda’ because it had a red shine to it and during the summer my hair started to lighten up and get the orange glow again. So December 2014 I colored my hair darker again. Now, almost 4 months after, my hair is lighter, a little orange glow (not too visible though) and long! I wanted to let it grow for Summer, but I actually think I might cut it shorter again this weekend!!! (Let me know what you think abou that!)


Wow, that was anything but a small  hair history! Now onto my fave products! First up is definitely dry shampoo! Ever since I’ve discovered it, I’ve been using it a lot to postpone the shower. I also like it to give my hair some texture. I recently picked up this Garnier Ultra Doux purifying dry shampoo with citrus-extract. It works great! I really like the smell of it and the white residue is easy to comb out of my hair. Another dry shampoo brand I like is Batiste!

After I come out of the shower and my hair is toweldry I’ve been applying this Syoss Beauty Elixir Absolute Oil. As the name suggests, it is a thick oil that repairs and nutritions the hair. I also find it helps with detangling my hair. I apply 2 pumps to the palms of my hands and then massage it into the lower half of my hair. Anything that is still left on my hands afterwards, I spread through the top half of my head.


After using the hair oil I like to brush through it with my Tangle Teezer. This really is an amazing brush for wet hair. It does an amazing job at teezing the tangles ;). I would like to give something else a try though. I am on the hunt for the Wet Brush, because I’ve heard great things about it. Most of the time, I let my hair air-dry. This is the fun part about straight hair, it always falls straight even when it is not dried that way. Whenever I do blowdry, when there is no time to wait, I spray this heatcare protector by Hair Wonder. It helps prevent heat damage and is enriched with 8 certified organic ingredients that help repair the hair. And it is paraben free! I don’t see major differences in my hair using it, but I think it is great to use a product like this when using heated hair tools.


Finally, I have these 2 sprays that are supposed to add extra texture to my straight/flat hair. Everyone probably knows the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray by now… I purchased this travel size bottle a while back and really like it. It claims to give the hair a beachy, windswept style. The second bottle I bought after recommended by my hairdresser. It is the Kérastase K Spray à Porter. A couple of spritz in the hair give a more tousled effect to the it. None of these two products work like magic, but they do add a little something something to my hair. Warning: do not use too much of these products or your hair will just feel dirty! A little bit goes a long way!

So, that was a lot of talking! Now I would love to hear from you what products you like to use in you hair! Let me know!

Sara xx


12 thoughts on “All about the hairzzz”

    1. That’s a good motto! If you don’t need it, don’t use it 🙂 I do not always use all these products at the same time though. It depends on what I feel like doing 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  1. Although you don’t seem to be happy with you straight hair, I’m quite jealous with my thin jumpy hair. Beside that, I’m loving the andrelon pink collection, but your bumble and bumble surf spray seems pretty awesome too!

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