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Three Bourjois Bases Compared


Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on three different Bourjois bases I’ve tried. Overall, I am a big fan of the Bourjois base products, but there are some differences between the three formula’s I own. Let’s compare them!

Inside light
Natural light

As you can see from the pictures above, the three foundations I own all have a very different color. I use them during different times in the year, depending on what my natural skin color is like.


First up is the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. This is the first one I bought! I really liked it a lot because the color was a perfect match with my tanned skin. However, now it is way to dark! I like that Bourjois has some non pink undertone foundations, because I find that very hard to find. The finish is very dewy looking, which I like for the summer months. Otherwise I find it looks fake so quickly. It is also very blendable and lightweight! I like that it covers a lot with only a small amount of product. This product got me hooked on Bourjois bases! Can’t wait till I’ve got more of a tan again.


Next is the Happy Light Foundation. This one in N52 Light Beige is a little bit lighter so perfect to transition into the winter months after summer for me! I was interested to see if there was a big difference in the finish of this foundation. It is less dewy, but still looks radiant. It’s a different kind of glowing! But you don’t really notice that big of a difference when you don’t look at it for a long time ;). Just like the Healthy Mix Serum, this one is easy to apply, very blendable! Looks very natural!


Finally, the last addition to my Bourjois base collection, is the 123Perfect CC Cream in N32 Light Beige. This is my favorite product at the moment. This one is meant to be anti-fatique, anti-redness and anti-dark spots while ging a luminous complexion and smooth skin! I do think this CC cream is very luminous: it gives an instant glow. the anti-redness I’m not sure of because I don’t really have a lot of redness in my face. What I like is how lightweight and non-heavy this ‘foundation’ is! It is great for the no make-up make-up days because it looks so natural. I do like the pump packaging of the other two foundations better, but I like that this one is not in a glass bottle! Bourjois has to invent packaging that combines the best of two worlds!  Another think I like is that the CC cream has an SPF 15.

I do normally set my foundations with a light setting powder, which definitely helps the longlastingness of the foundations. Overall, I am a big fan of all these foundations! But my favorite one right now is definitely the CC cream. I will soon have to repurchase it, since mine is almost empty!

Have you tried any of the Bourjois bases? Please leave me your recommendations in the comments below!

Sara xx


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