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The Face Off: The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansers


Hi everyone!

Another Face Off today. This time I am comparing two face cleansers from The Body Shop’s tea tree range. If you’re interested, keep on reading!



The two cleansers are both from the tea tree range, which is the skin care line for blemish prone skin. I had very high hopes for this skin care line, but don’t really get on with it. It might be because of my high expectations, but I didn’t really see a big difference in my skin. The tea tree does leave the skin feeling very clean, but not dramatically less spotty.


Although both from the same range, these are 2 very different prodcuts! The Skin Cleansing Facial Wash is your average gel to foam formula. I really enjoy using these type of cleansers. The Cool & Creamy Wash has a name that speaks for itself. The product has a cream consistency that doesn’t start to foam. The nice thing about this cleanser is the tingly cool feeling it leaves on the skin. This makes the product great in the mornings, it gives an extra wake-up boost! If only the cooling effect was in the gel to foam formula…


I won’t repurchase any of the two products. Both lack the effectiveness. They are extremely different and I like them for different reasons, but I prefer the Skin Cleansing Facial Wash.

Have you tried any of the products in The Body Shop tea tree range? Please leave me some product suggestions in the comments below!

Sara xx


6 thoughts on “The Face Off: The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansers”

  1. I am use the cream cleanser alongside their tonner. For me it has worked wonders especially on my oily skin. Ideally you should stay away from foaming products if u have acne or sensitive skin as it can make the problem worse x

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      1. The toner is fab,my oily skin loves it and i swear make up stays on a lot better after i use it. I don’t mind the smell,it is quite strong but I quite like it. It’s quite zingy n I love the tingle it gives my skin x

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