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All About the Brows


Hi everyone!

Today I am talking browzzz. I never used to bother doing anything to my brows, since I have naturally dark and (kinda) well-shaped brows. Most of the time I only apply my Hema Brow Gel to set them in place, but on occasion I like to make them stand out a bit more. I’ve learned, from experience, that I shouldn’t overdo it, because it looks a bit too strong and weird (especially in pictures!).





Aside from the Hema Brow Gel, there are 2 things I use to perfect my brow game: my Ici Paris XL brow brush with an arched brush and a spooly on each side AND my The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in the shade 03.

I start by combing my hairs in the position I’d like them to stay. That’s how I can see where a little bit of extra color is needed. I combine the two shades of the kit and lightly aplly the powder to my brows. I try to do this with a light hand and by making little strokes to simulate the appearance of hairs. The two places I need the most filling are the inner part of my brows and the ends.

After I’ve applied the color I run the spooly of the brow brush through my brows again. This softens the look slightly and, again, puts every hair in place. To make sure the browzz stay on all day it is a good idea to apply some brow gel. The Hema brow gel is cheap and does the job well!

That’s all I do actually! Sometimes a lost hair has to be plucked, but I minimize the amount! I’m always scared I’ll pluck too much or that I pluck the wrong hair and my whole brow will look weird! So my advice is to keep the brows hairy ;).

Since The Body Shop kit is the only thing I’ve ever tried, I’d love the hear your recommendations! Just put them in the reactions below!

Sara xx


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