My Essie Nailpolish Love


Hi everyone!

Today, to do a post in a Valentine theme, I’d like to share my love for these Essie nail polishes! These are the only nail polishes I own from the brand, but I am definitely planning on expanding my collection in the (near) future.

First of all, I really really like the packaging. Especially when I put them next to each other they look so cute! I have 3 colored nail polishes and one ‘treatment’ formula. On the pictures below you can see the nail polish colors when applied.



Some in general praise goes to the easy application thanks to the brush and the rather quick drying time! The base ‘treatment’ nail polish is called the Ridge Filling base coat. Since I have very uneven nails with a lot of texture to them I was really interested in this product. When applied it gives a matte white like finish on the nails. I actually sometimes like to wear this on its own! A little disappointing is the fact that I still have uneven nails. I don’t know if this is just because of my nails or a wrong application method, but I don’t see a major difference when I use it. However, I do still use it as a base for the other nail polishes as I’ve noticed it makes the lasting power longer! So I do recommend it for long lastingness, but nog for the ridge filling effect.

I have these three colors in my collection and I am absolutely in love with them! Sand Tropez is a very nice natural shade. It is a nude with a greyish undertone. In the picture I’ve applied 2 layers, otherwise the color is a bit too see through. The second color is named Cocktail Bling. It is a very weird color actually. When I bought it I thought it would be grey, but in different lighting it can be more blue or even a little bit purple. I like it though! I find it matches almost all of my outfits. This one also needs a second application. The last color named Bobbing for Baubles is a dark blue. I haven’t worn this one as much as the other two because I find dark colors harder to apply (I am not at all an expert in the nail polish application 😉 ). In the picture I’ve only applied one layer which gives a nice finish. The only reason why I would apply a second one is for the long lastingness.

Overall, I am very impressed by these Essie nail polishes and I am sure I’ll buy some spring colors soon. Do you have any recommendations for me? I was also wondering if you know a good base and top coat? Let me know!

Sara xx


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