Dry Skin Savers


Hi everyone!

Today I’d like to share with y’all some of my favorite dry skin savers! Both when my skin is dry because of the colder weather, or when it’s dry because of the sun, these are three of the products that help my skin survive.


First of is my all time favorite lip balm. This is my Labello! I prefer the classic version, but you can buy them in various colors,finishes (shiny or more glittery) and fragrances. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I need to have a Labello at hand. I use it religiously every morning and evening. I grew up using this and no matter how many other lipbams I try, I always seem to go back to this  one. It’s an easy to use vaseline type product. I like the stick form, because I find a lip balm in a pot is less hygienic.


Secondly, I introduce to you the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream (even though I’m sure you’ve heard about it before). The product is meant to moisturize the skin 24-hours long, especially when it has to endure harsh weather conditions. The formula is made with extracts of glacial glycoproteins (perfect to protect skin from cold temperatures) and desert plants (perfect for drier weather conditions). It’s a very lightweight cream that can be applied morning or evening. During this winter period it has become a staple in my skin care routine. The daily moisturizer I used before wasn’t hydrating enough for the colder weather, so I purchased this one: a very great addition! I found the cream also great when I was on vacation in Gran Canaria. I sun bathed a lot and I wanted to hydrate my face a bit more to keep the tan. It sinks in the skin rather quickly and it doesn’t make my make-up shiny when I apply a bit of powder on top. Sometimes I also use it on other dry patches on my skin or as a hand cream. It’s multi purpose friendly and I highly recommend it!


Lastly I want to talk about this mask from Clinique. It is called the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. When my skin needs an extra hydration boost I reach for this product. I bought it a year ago before my vacation to Cabo Verde in case my skin was getting flaky because of the sun. It was an eye opener then! The cream is a lot thicker than the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. The first night I used it (after a day of sunbathing) my skin didn’t feel dry  at all the next morning. It looked fresh and not red! I was sold immediately! I do not only use it at night: when my skin really needs it, I use it as my daily moisturizer. It’s also great to use locally, on just a dry spot for instance.

I hope I’ve introduced you to some new dry skin savers! Did you knew them already? And what products do you use when your skin needs an extra moisture boost? Let me know!

Sara xx


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