The Face Off: Clinique Eyeliners versus Urban Decay Eyeliners


Hi everyone!

Today I’m back with another Face Off! In the past years I have accumulated a couple of eyeliner pencils. My favorites are the Clinique eyeliners and recently I bought an Urban Decay eyeliner duo. But what brand do I prefer???  Let’s compare them in this Face Off!

Urban Decay duo eyliner ‘perversion’ and ‘pistol’ – Clinique eyeliner ‘egytian’ – Clinique eyeliner ‘black diamond’

First off I want to start by saying how much I love it that Urban Decay does this eyeliner duo in their 24/7 glide-on eye pencil range. It’s so easy to throw one pencil in your bag that has 2 colors to choose from! You do get a lot less product because of this, but I don’t see myself finishing any of these eye pencils anytime soon. Other than that the packaging of the pencils is similar. They are both pencils that need to be sharpened.

In daylight (from left to right): pistol - perversion - black diamond - egytian
In daylight (from left to right): pistol – perversion – black diamond – egytian
Inside lights (from left to right): pistol - perversion - black diamond - egytian
Inside lights (from left to right): pistol – perversion – black diamond – egyptian

Talking about the different colors and the formula now. I’ll start with the pencil I own the longest. This is my Clinique pencil in the color 103 egyptian. It is a very dark mossy green color with gold glitters. As I have a little bit of green in my brown eyes, I find the color makes them appear a bit greener which I like! The glitters aren’t big or chunky and they add a little ‘something something’ ;). It’s been in my collection for over 2 years and I am still loving it! The other Clinique eye pencil I own is in the color 101 black diamond. It’s a back (duh!) with silver glitter. In daylight the glitter is less obvious thought. This one was a gift that I didn’t choose myself and I don’t think I would have bought a black with glitter, but I actually really like it for some looks! It’s not one you can use to tightline though.

The Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in perversion is a real winner for me! I had not yet owned a black this black. There is no shimmer or glitter whatsoever! This one I use a lot to tightline so my lashes appear thicker. The color on the other end of the pencil is called pistol, a name you may recognize if you own the Naked 2 palette. One of the eyeshadows (one of my personal faves!) has the same name. I’ll admit that this was one of the main reasons for buying it! Urban Decay has similar duo pencils to match the Naked 1, 3 and Basics palettes. Pistol is a greyish pencil whit a nice shine to it. Other than the Clinique eye pencils this one doesn’t have glitters, it really is a shine.

When compared I like the formula of the Urban Decay eyeliners better: they are more creamy and smoother to apply. Also their long-lastingness is a bit better (but that’s only when I really focus on it). I think both pencils are price-quality equal. I payed around €15,50 euro for the Clinique pencils and €18 for the Urban Decay one.

To conclude: I would rather buy a new Urban Decay eye pencil than a Clinique one. Or wouldn’t I… I think I like them all very much since they are all a little bit different. I am very happy with the different colors I have collected (so far)!

Have you tried any of these eye pencils? What did you think about them?

Sara xx


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