My Travel Musthaves


Hi everyone!

I’m leaving for a week vacation in Gran Canaria (Spain) with my family. I thought this would be the ideal moment to share with y’all my Travel Musthaves. These are 10 things I always bring with me when I’m on a plane or even when I travel by car or train.

1. Comfortable pants: When you have to sit for a long time in one place, I highly suggest wearing comfortable joggings or a legging. These are my new Hollister joggers. They are super soft and warm. (similar here)

2. A big scarf: Always bring a cosy scarf with you when traveling. It keeps you warm and makes the trip a lot more comfortable. I like to lie on it in the plane, so I can sleep better. This is a simple black one from Zara.


3. A good book: Vacation time is my reading time and I start already on my way there. I am super excited to start Lena Dunham’s ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’. I’ve heard great things about it! (Dutch version from

4. Lipbalm: My lips get very dry very easily, so I actually always have a lip balm with me. But especially because of the plain air! This is ‘Rêve de Miel’ from NUXE. I like the smell of it and it is really hydrating, but I’m not that big a fan of the pot. I’ll buy the stick next time. (feelunique link)

5. Hair ties: My hair gets very knotty, so bringing a couple of hair ties is a must for me.

6. Gum: I always feel a bit dirty when I leave the plane. A little piece of gum makes me feel a lot fresher and I think my environment is also very happy with my good breath ;).


7. Smartphone: My iPhone is a necessity. I’m so dependent on it! When traveling I like to play a game on it, listen to my favorite music (I recommend making a new playlist before hand) or scrolling trough old pictures. I have an iPhone 5s and I’m really happy with it!

8. Earplugs (or headphones): To listen to my favorite beats! I keep mine from tangling by securing it with a hair clip.

9. Rollerbal perfume (or travelo): Another way to make me feel a bit less dirty. Just rolling a little bit of my favorite perfume helps me feel a lot fresher. This one is from Diptyque and it’s called ‘Eau Moheli’ (link). It’s a lot different from my usual perfumes, but I like it a lot! It is a fresh, but spicy smell.

10. A pen: Always bring a pen. You’ll see you need it when you don’t have it with you. (Murphy’s law ! )

I hope you can use some of my musthaves on your next travel trip! I’d like to know if I’m forgetting some essentials, let me know what you bring :).

Sara xx


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