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My Real Techniques Brush collection


Hi everyone!

Today, I’d like you to meet my little Real Techniques make-up brush family.  Wow, that was a mouthful! Ofcourse, most of you know these brushes, but I think it’s nice to read what people use them for. For example, I don’t use the contour brush to contour! What do I use it for then? Just keep on reading!

During the last half of 2014 I got really interested in using brushes to apply make-up. I already owned a couple of brushes from the ICI Paris XL brand to apply blush and powder, but I never thought of using one to apply foundation. This changed when my sister and I decided to order brushes from Real Techniques online. The collection that Sam Chapman (if you are a YouTube-addict like me, you’ll know who I’m talking about) created is very popular! Almost every blogger has at least one of these brushes. And now, I have built a nice collection for myself. After my first package of brushes arrived I fell in love! I really like the soft bristles and the colors of the handles are so fun! Using my hands to apply foundation seems very weird now. So, when I was in France for my Erasmus and saw the brushes in the local Monopris, I immediately bought some more to complete (for now) my collection! I highly recommend trying the brushes if you are still in a dilemma!

Core Collection: (from left to right) countour brush – pointed foundation brush – detailer brush – buffing brush

The first brushes I bought came in a set. They are called the ‘core collection‘. They are supposed to give you the perfect canvas. My most used brush is without a doubt the buffing brush from this set. I use it almost everyday to apply my foundation. As the name suggests, it is great to ‘buff’ in my liquid foundation and it leaves a flawless finish. The contour brush is used by me for a lot of different purposes. Sometimes to blend out concealer, but recently I’ve used it more to apply my highlighter. The last two brushes that come in the set are the pointed foundation brush and the detailer brush. These two I use less often. Sometimes I use the detailer brush to blend out lipstick on my lips, which lengthens the staying power.

Travel Essentials: (from left to right) multi task brush - domed shadow brush - essential foundation brush
Travel Essentials: (from left to right) multi task brush – domed shadow brush – essential foundation brush

The second set I own is called the ‘travel essentials‘ set. This set comes with three different brushes. The multi task brush is another one of my favorites. I use it for the application of blush, setting powder or bronzer. The domed shadow brush is the only eye brush from the range that I own. I find it a little bit to sturdy to be a real blending brush, but that’s still its main purpose. The essential foundation brush is the last brush in the set. Because I like my buffing brush for my foundation, I’ve found a different use for this one. When I read this post on KaushalBeauty’s blog, I applied my mask with this brush. It really is a great idea to use a brush for the application of a mask, as it tends to be a messy situation and I often lose a lot of product that’s sticking on my hands. It is a great tip and definitely worth trying!

Left: blush brush - Right: setting brush
Left: blush brush – Right: setting brush

The last two brushes I own can be bought individually. First up is my blush brush. When this brush arrived in the mail, I was surprised by the size! It is a lot bigger then the brushes I was used to for applying blush. As I have a small face, I’d rather use this brush to set my foundation with powder or for bronzing. It is extremely soft and fluffy, so it doesn’t leave a strong bronzing line on the face. Last up is the setting brush, another multi tasking brush for me. At the moment I use it to blend out concealer, but I also use it sometimes to blend eyeshadow or apply highlighter.

Now you’ve got to know my brushes, I am wondering if you have any of the Real Technique brushes? And which one is your favorite? I can’t choose between them… And I know this collection will be further extended in the future!

Sara xx


11 thoughts on “My Real Techniques Brush collection”

  1. What a great collection! My favorite brush is the pink setting brush, especially for under eye concealer. It fits perfectly under there. Are you going to try the new bold metals collection?


  2. I’m still only starting out with a proper makeup collection but I’m so tempted by these brushes! They are so gorgeous, but also get the job done! So I really love this post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Before I bought these I always used my hands for everything, but now I’m completely into the brush application! I love them 🙂


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