The Review: La Roche-Posay Serozinc


Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on the well talked about Serozinc from La Roche-Posay. This is a hype-product I caved for. I heard almost every blogger or YouTuber I follow talk about it at one point. One of my faves, Alix from I COVET THEE, convinced me I needed to try this toner type product. There was only one problem: it was no where to be found in my local pharmacies. So, when I was in France for my Erasmus, the perks of being abroad, I saw this beauty and I couldn’t resist taking it home with me. Two months later I’ve just finished my second bottle!

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New app: Blynk Inspiration


Hi everyone!

Sorry that I haven’t uploaded a post as quick as I wanted! I was on vacation in a hotel with very bad WIFI… I think good WIFI should become a new ground rule (just kidding!). But today I’m back with some style inspiration. I recently discovered the app Blynk. It’s one of those apps full of nice pictures from people in the coolest outfits. Before the app recommends style looks for your wishes you have to go through some pictures of outfits. If you like it, sweep right and if you don’t sweep left (it’s the Tinder of fashion 😉 ). You should definitely check it out!

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Slip On Inspiration


Hi everyone!

I know it might be way to soon, but I am already thinking about my spring/summer shoes this year! Lately I’ve been seeing the slip-on type shoe more and more. At first I didn’t really like it, but the more I’ve seen other people style it, the more I see its potential! I see them as an in-between for a Converse All Star and an Espadrille :). I own a lot of converse shoes already, so I want something new this year. That’s why I’ve been looking online and made this inspiration board that I’d like to share with you. As you can see the slip-ons come in all sorts of colors and materials, there is definitely a style for everyone out there! I think my favorite style is the first one!

What do you think about the slip-on trend? And which ones are your favorite?

Sara xx

1. Pedder Red Woven metallic leather skate slip-ons

2. Report Areva Black Velvet Slip-On Sneakers 

3. Vans The Classic Slip-On Sneaker in Blue Patent Leather

4. Charlotte Russe Qupid Chevron Sequin Slip-On Sneakers

5. Warehouse Leopard Print Slip On Trainers

6. Charlotte Russe Floral Print Canvas Slip-On Sneakers

7. Snake Print Slip On Plimsolls

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My Real Techniques Brush collection


Hi everyone!

Today, I’d like you to meet my little Real Techniques make-up brush family.  Wow, that was a mouthful! Ofcourse, most of you know these brushes, but I think it’s nice to read what people use them for. For example, I don’t use the contour brush to contour! What do I use it for then? Just keep on reading!

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The Body Shop: Colour Crush Lipsticks

IMG_2532 IMG_2531

Hi everyone!

I am sharing two of my all time favorite lipproducts with you today. Since I discovered the Colour Crush lipsticks from The Body Shop, my life has been changed! Slight  over dramatization, but honestly though, before I came across these lipsticks my lips were nude almost every day (except for my layer of Labello).

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What to expect

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my brand new blog named Signature Sara.

On this blog I’ll share with you my obsession with skincare products and make-up (desperately trying to do something useful with it and justifying my purchases 😉 ). I also want to incorporate some style and lifestyle posts, as I’m always interested to read those on other people’s blogs.

Hopefully, this can be my personal creative outlet! Much more to come! Sara xx